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Napa Valley Vacuum & Sewing

     2880 Jefferson St. Napa, CA 94558


Hours:  Mon-Fri: 9:00 - 5‚Äč:30  Sat: 9:00 - 5:00

Old Fashioned Service

We Rent:

All machines are based off of a Per-Day rate (24 Hrs.). Sundays excluded from Per-Day fee. That's right, Sundays are FREE!

The Bissell Big Green Shampooer 

Our Commercial Grade Bissell Big Green shampooer is the best machine for any of your shampooing needs! Full sized rooms, Spot cleaning or even small jobs for your vehicle, the Bissell Big Green does them all! Reserve your today! 

  • Machine: $39.99
  • Upholstery Tools: $4.99
  • Deposit: $20 (Refunded upon returned clean machine!)

Host Dry Carpet Machine 

The Host Dry Carpet Extraction System is one of the best in its class in shampooing carpets using no water! This system is specially made for newer, or delicate, carpets and rugs that require a softer cleaning mechanism.

  • Machine: $34.99


We here at Napa Valley Vacuum and Sewing offer rentals on vacuum cleaners and sewing machines! Whatever type of machine is required to suit your household cleaning needs, we've got it here!

  • Upright Machines or Pure Suction Canisters: $24.99
  • Canister Vacuums with Electric Power head: $29.99
  • Sewing Machines: $19.99


These Carpet Wet Spot Speed Dryers come in a small and large size. Both having a 3 speed air flow option, these blowers are great for whatever drying purposes you require!

  • Small: 19.99
  • Large: 24.99

*Extractor solution and shampoo for carpet cleaners extra