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Napa Valley Vacuum & Sewing

     2880 Jefferson St. Napa, CA 94558


Hours:  Mon-Fri: 9:00 - 5​:30  Sat: 9:00 - 5:00

Old Fashioned Service




        From canister machines to upright vacuum cleaners, central vacuum repairs, rainbow's and backpacks, we here at Napa Valley Vacuum and Sewing offer Free Estimates on any and all vacuum cleaners.

Sewing Machines 

              While most sewing machines also receive Free Estimates, serger sewing machines are the only exception to this which require a small deposit when dropped off. We work on all sewing machine brands such as: Brother, Juki, NewHome, Viking, Elna, Singer and much more! 


Whether your shampooer is built for Residential, Commercial or even hand held spot cleaners, we do 'em all! Just a small deposit of 20$ is all that's required to perform a Full Inspection of your machine, create an estimate Suited to your Needs and when the time comes to make the final decision... the deposit is Automatically Applied to the Repair!

Serger Style Sewing Machines 

              Serger Style Sewing Machines are fantastic if you need a great, all in one machine for any of your sewing needs! Like the shampooers, they do require a small deposit of just 20$ though this does get applied towards your repair!

Small Appliances 

              Have something other than a sewing machine or vacuum that needs servicing? Have no fear! We do them all here! At Napa Valley Vacuum not only do we repair your sewing and vacuum cleaners, we service your other small appliances as well! Mixers for your kitchen, Small Space Heaters for your house (Deposit required), Lamps, Toasters, Hair Dryers and so much more! And the best part... these small appliances qualify to receive Free Estimates!

Knives, Scissors, Lamp's and More! 

            Yes! We sharpen Knives, Serrated Knives, Scissors and Gardening tools of any shape or size! Expertly done by our practiced technicians, using a double wheel Tru-Hone sharpening system, you will receive a professional level of sharpening, and the highest quality of performance from your tools!

            We also Repair and Restore any, and all lamps! 

  • Sharpen Knives $4.99 & Up (price varies on length & condition)
  • Sharpen Scissors $4.99 & Up (price varies on length & condition)

Here we have just a few examples of the many styles of lamps that we have repaired!

Expedite Service

            All work performed here at Napa Valley Vacuum and Sewing is based on a first come, first served system. However if you need your machine ASAP, we can accommodate you by pushing it to the Front of the Line for a small fee of only 10$!