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Vacuums For Sale!

          We here at Napa Valley Vacuum and Sewing carry a wide range of machines that are made to fit any budget and suited for all of your household needs! Our most popular products are shown below including the German made Miele brand machine, and American Made Riccar vacuums! Please call or stop by for more information about our products and current promotions!!

Riccar -

            When it comes to upright vacuums cleaners.... look no further than Riccar! From an American based company, Riccar holds the title for having some of the highest end upright vacuum cleaners you can't find anywhere else on the market today, Guaranteed!! Sound too good to be true? Come find out how they compare for yourself

Miele -

 Looking for a canister? Miele vacuum cleaners are the best in the market by far. Napa Valley Vacuum is proud to offer Miele vacuums and accessories. German made, Miele is top of the line and will not disappoint, we guarantee it!

Sanitaire -

            If you are in the market for something more commercial based, Saintaire uprights are a must when it comes to longevity and durability in a vacuum. Perfect for restaurants and businesses, Sanitaire comes with plenty of options when looking for the right machine to clean.